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inventor of the intelligent emergency stop system for the escalator
I am Amir Hossein Ghodamossoltani, inventor of the intelligent emergency stop system for the escalator.
This invention is in addition to Iran in the United States, which is filed for inclusion in the document.
According to a report from the US Commodity Safety Committee, 12,000 people die each year when using an electric stomach, including amputations and even death. In Montreal in Canada, Seattle in America, Muscat in Oman, Shanghai in  China, Isfahan in Iran, etc. Some cases of deaths have been reported when using escalator in recent years.
Therefore, it is necessary and inevitable to use this system and equip the stairs of electrics that are exposed to the use of a wide range of citizens from young to old.
It is noteworthy that an example of this system was piloted in an escalator active at the metro station of the University of Science and Technology of Tehran, and for six months successfully completed all related tests, and Tehran Metro Company requested the equipping of all active and active escalators. The set is given. The confirmation is provided as an attachment, as well as the test videos are available as documentation.
Also in the traffic organization of Mashhad, a pilot system has been installed and successfully deployed.
Therefore, by announcing the willingness to collaborate or assign licensing, you are encouraged to prepare the ground for negotiations with related or active collections so that we will never see thousands of horrible incidents anywhere in the world.
Best regards
Amir Hossein Ghodamossoltani
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