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Finnish, Estonian, Afghan and Iraqi citizens planning a visit to Iran, for any purposes, should apply visa at the Iranian Consulate. We process applications for:

·  Business visa
·  Tourist visa
·  Entry visa
·  Press visa
·  Pilgrimage visa
·  Transit visa entry or Transit visa for drivers carrying cargoes
·  Multiple entry visa
·  Diplomatic and Service visa
·  Work permit visa

General visa requirements for visiting The Islamic Republic of Iran

1) The applicant's passport must be valid for at least SIX months, with a minimum of two blank pages.

2) The completed application form. Forms can be obtained from the Consulate Section of the Embassy or the Consulate's Internet website. The application form can also be mailed/faxed to the applicants upon their request.

3) Two current passport size photos(color).

4) Proof of payment of the fee. The fee should be paid to the Embassy's account no. FI66  800011-1878545 at Sampo Bank. The receipt must be retained and submitted with the rest of your documents to the consulate.

5) Travel Insurance with valid  for 3  months  






Visa Application Fees for Finnish, Estonian, Afghani and Iraqi Nationals



Single-entry Business Visa (ویزای یکبار ورود)


- Finnish citizens:  60.00€

-Estonian citizens: 60.00  €

-Iraqi Citizens:  35.00 €  

-Afghani Citizens:  80.00 €    



Double-entry Business Visa (ویزای دو بار ورود)


-Finnish citizens:  80.00  €

- Estonian citizens:  80.00 €

-Iraqi Citizens:  60.00 €

-Afghani Citizens:  120.00  €



Multiple Business Visa (only with Permission or Invitation) (ویزای چند بار ورود)


-Finnish citizens: 100.00  € (for three Months) and 140.00)€ for six Months(

-Estonian citizens: 100.00  € (for three Months) and  140.00) € for six Months(

-Iraqi Citizens: 80.00  €  (for three Months) and   120.00  €(for six Months)

-Afghani Citizens: 200.00  € (for three Months) and   300.00  € (for six Months)



Transit visa (only with Ticket) (ویزای عبور)


- Finnish citizens :  40.00€

- Estonian citizens :  40.00€

-Iraqi Citizens :  20.00€

-Afghani Citizens :  50.00€



Tourist visa(ویزای جهانگردی)


-Finnish citizens: 50.00 €

- Estonian citizens: 50.00 €

-Iraqi Citizens: 30.00 €

-Afghani Citizens: 80.00 €


Press Visa

            Press visa will be issued for journalists and representatives of foreign media and press who intend to travel to Iran for purposes relating to their profession for a specific period.

Required documents:

1. a letter from the institution or press witch the applicant is working for.

2. Two completed [visa] application form.

3. The applicant’s passport; which must be valid for at least 6 months, with a minimum of two blank pages.

4. Copy of Passport (ID-page).

5. Two current photographs(Colour) in passport format (3 x 4).

6. The payment receipt for visa fee 80 Euro, paid into account No. FI66 80001101878545 in Danske Bank .

Please note your full name for Communication .

Note : Fees can be paid by visa card , Bancontact and Mistercash in the Embassy ,Payment in cash or cheque is not acceptable.



1) The documents can be delivered in person or mailed to the Consulate Section, at the address given at the bottom of this page. If you would like us to mail back your passport, please provide us with a prepaid self addressed registered delivery envelope.


2) Visas are issued at the discretion of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran - a minimum period of twenty days should be allowed for the authorization process. (Authorization for pilgrimage visas may only take two weeks).


3)For a Tourist visa, please contact Finnish or Iranian travel agencies that operate tours to Iran.  If you prefer to go by your own, please submit a copy of yourreturn ticket, and yourhotel reservation information.


4) Journalists, reporters and other media representatives, who intend to travel to Iran for purposes relating to their professions, please contact theCultural Sectionof the Embassy at least one month before their planned travel.


5) As the process of awork permit visais time-consuming, it is suggested that the applicant should apply for such visa in Iran through his/her Iranian sponsor. However, once the said process is completed in Iran, the visa in question shall be issued here at the Embassy.


6) Drivers carrying cargoesto Iran or to other countries should have valid visa for destinations in third country/ countries.


7) AnAirport Transit Visamay be issued for 48 hours to applicants who intend to
transit through Iran. Please contact the Consular Section for the details.


8) Entry Visa for Free Trade and Industrial Areas of Iranis issued for a two- week stay at the ports of entry to Free Trade and Industrial Areas of Iran (Kish Island), and may be extended up to six months at the request of the authorities of these Areas. Foreign nationals who intend to travel to other parts of the country should submit their applications to the office of the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the area. These applications shall be reviewed and visas shall be issued, if approved, within 48 hours.

9) Extension of visa:  Extension of entry, tourist and pilgrimage visas are made by Foreigners' Affairs Bureau of Law Enforcement Forces on the basis of plausible reasons and upon

the approval of the said Bureau. Diplomatic and service visas shall be extended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the request of relevant foreign diplomatic missions in Tehran. Requests for work permit visas should be made through the Department of Foreigners' Employment of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs at the request of the Iranian employers of the applicants.

10) Residence Permit:  Residence permits of foreign nationals in Iran is issued by Foreigners' Affairs Bureau of Law Enforcement Forces some eight days after the arrival of foreign nationals in Iran. Temporary and permanent residence permits may be renewed and extended. The aforesaid Bureau also issues an exit permit visa for foreign nationals


The fee should be paid to the Embassy's account:

Danske Bank FI66 80001101878545




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